5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Script: Humility

When we were children, it was far easier to be humble. We weren't too shy to ask questions or express ourselves to even strangers. The older we get the more we tend to lose this ability. We become aware of ourselves and our stories in the world. How we are percieved or our value compared with another individual. Our sense of liquidness in the world dissolved to now rigid labels. We've lost our humility. This makes us tense and even scared of life in some circumstances. We've lost our sense of play. Humility is one of the biggest tools that supports confidence which can break barriers to living comfortably in the moment. Finding it regularly is key. Use the following script as a guide to recenter yourself whenever you need.

This script is free for personal and group use only. You may use it for a class at a hospital or other public place. It is not, however, to be reposted online, or uploaded in audio, video, or any other format.

*To be said with soothing binaural music for optimal effect*

"Start with your eyes closed and palms facing out and upwards in a pose of willingness. Mentally feel the length of your arms, legs. Your hair. No matter it's shade, length, or texture, it's wonderful. Feel it sitting on your head. Feel yourself at your current weight and size now. Feel the length of your body. Maybe you are really tall or really short. Think about the volume of your booty, stomach, thighs or lack thereof. All the marks and impressions on your body. Sort of feel them mentally. See them with your closed eyes. Think about the way your body looks, jiggles. Smells. Now, nodding slowly, tell your being warmly, I accept you. I accept you. I love you. Say, I love you. You are mine. You are welcomed. You are gorgeous. You are helpful. Recognizing when distracting thoughts enter your mind, taking a deep breath in and out sort of wiggle. Go right ahead, wiggle and imagine yourself fitting right into your body. It's warm and inviting. This is the suit the universe has designed you. And it's no less or better than anyone else's suit. You did not choose it nor did the other person but it fits perfectly. Wiggle, wiggle wiggle, in slips your arms, fingers, toes, nose, cheekbones. Despite what the media says, no matter what shape or size they are, they are just right. Now imagine yourself walking into a room full of people. Maybe there's people you find attractive and you want to impress. Imagine now the ideas circulating in your mind: the stories about yourself, your physical or personality quirks and qualities. Maybe you spot a competition and you size them up or they are sizing you up. Based on whatever story you have of yourself you are kind of ready to play a role whether you realize it consciously or not. Now imagine the stories subsiding. Washing away with a powerful, foamy wave. Imagine you've never seen yourself in a mirror before and that your main purpose in life was the same as everyone's. To just exist. Everything else is simply a distraction. Suddenly the people in front of you've all turned into one because they are all just existing. Each with their own challenges and identities. And guess what, the same vulnerablity. A heartbeat. An existance that can be put to an end in an instant. Maybe even a second vulnerability that's just as equal: the need to be appreciated. And you sort of feel sorry for them even your competition. You don't have to know what these people look like but mentally feel them there and the world around. With a hand to your chest now, say, "I'm here for you." Finally, taking a little bow you acknowlege the vulnerability in all living things, including you. We are all vulnerable to and of everything. We all know nothing but think we know everything. And just grasp for a moment how we all depend on each other, from the trees, stones, and clays providing us shelter, to the sky providing us water and green plants. To the animals giving us pleasant non-judgemental company to the humans-to-human experiences we all depend on to get us through the days. Whether it's the cash register checking out our groceries, the nurses checking our vitals, to the strangers giving life to the streets so we feel less alone on even a little stroll by ourselves. The people who we find weird are somehow comforting. The people we can't stand even can teach us something, maybe about even ourselves. With one last, and deeper bow, with a palm to your chest, say: Thank you."

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