8 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Script For Borderline, PTSD, and Trauma: Trusting Your Spirit Guide

This script is free for personal and group use only. You may use it for a class at a hospital or other public place. It is not, however, to be reposted online, or uploaded in audio, video, or any other format.

*To be spoken with a singing bowl audio.*

Hello sweetie, how are you? I hope you are well.

Today is special because you are making time for

yourself and your well-being. This is an important

act of self-love and I hope you are proud of that.

For the first two minutes, allow your thoughts to focus

only on your breath. Breathe naturally, narrowing your

mind in on the breath and nothing but the breath.

This is a mindfulness WHAT skill called observe.

Whenever your thoughts wander, and I'm sure it will,

simply catch it and reel it back in. By doing this regularly

you can retrain your mind to focus on your breath

even in the most nerve-racking scenarios. Here we go.

Now, observing the ringing tone of the singing

bowl, imagine yourself floating in a safe, clean river.

The water is crystal clear, and a guide stands by

keeping watch. Who is this guide? What does

he or she look like? It doesn't need to be human.

The guide can represent a spiritual being of great

love, power, and peace. They carefully step in the

water now and guide your form gently and slowly

down the river. Water trickles over your arms, legs.

You can hear the rippling. You don't know where

your guide is taking you but you trust them completely.

For the next 2 minutes focus on your breath while

your guide glides you over the crystal water, under

ferns, a beaming rainbow, and through a beautiful

mist. Once again, whenever your mind wanders,

reel it back in, focusing again on the breath, and

building your mindfulness muscles. Here we go...

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