"I am" Affirmations for People with BPD

"I am" are the two most powerful words in the dictionary when placed together. What you say and think becomes your reality. If you have BPD or any other emotional problem, chances are you've gotten hurt and misunderstood many times by others. You might find it hard to trust yourself, be yourself, or to just exist day to day.

Due to external factors, your inner dialogue and beliefs about yourself may be negative. These are sometimes the only things in the way of healing. That's why OK, LEVEL UP made "I am" Affirmations for People with BPD. Anyone with a mood sensitivity or a self-esteem issue can benefit from these affirmations. Recite and listen to them daily for at least 21 days to start feeling differently about yourself and the world around you. They are mainly 'I am' affirmations interspersed with other great mantras to keep in mind. *You can make a personal audio of the following, but please refrain from posting it online as your own.*

I am relaxed

I am calm

I am blessed

I am healthy

I am happy

I am secure

I am trustworthy

I am capable

I am in love with who I am right now

I am worthy of the highest quality of life

I am in vibration with the frequency of the divine

I am in vibration with the frequency of success

I am smart even when I make mistakes

I am going to get through all obstacles in my way

I am lovely even when I'm crying

I am lovely even when I'm upset

I am lovely even when I disappoint others

I am able to let go of people who've let go of me

I am free of grudges, resentments, and malice

I am free of hate, insecurities, and any need for revenge

I am able to stand strong and alone until the right people show up

I am able to stand strong and alone whenever I want

I am comfortable being alone

I am comfortable even when others are uncomfortable by my space

I am in my own lane that is perfect for me

I am happy for others

I am only in competition with the person I was the day before

I am doing my own thing with no need for approval or validation

I am able to hear judgment without changing my opinions, values, and love for myself

I am at ease around all kinds of people

I am able to voice my needs whenever it's necessary

I am able to stand up for myself whenever it's necessary

I am honorable

I am likable

I am an amazing person

I am loveable

I am important

I am special

I am unique

I am talented

I am respected

I am radiant with beauty that shines from the inside

I am a survivor and that makes me happy, wise, and strong

I am enough for myself and that's most important

I am my own best friend

I am able to turn anything around

I am mature, strong, happy, and in control

I am in control of my emotions

I am strong enough to take criticism

I am strong enough to face rejections

I am strong enough to bounce back from judgemental people

I am strong enough to ignore naysayers

I am so grateful

I am worthy

I am beautiful

I am positive

I am peaceful

I am loving

I am in control

I am safe to be here

I am confident wearing what I want

I am confident saying kind things

I am confident when people compliment me

I am confident when people talk to me

I am engaged in conversations

I am a calm, soothing soul to be around

I am funny, silly, mature, and wise all in one

I am confident about my recovery

I am the perfect friend, lover, and mentor

I am happy about the things I have going in my life

I am loved by the divine

I am love

I am loved by many people

I am ready to meet new people

I am ready to open up

I am ready to learn new things

I am enough

I am perfect with all my imperfections

I am brave and courageous

I am confident

I am smart

I am intelligent

I am protected

I am safe and wanted everywhere

I am emotionally stable

I am financially independent

I am financially prosperous

I am skilled at the things I do

I am skilled at whatever I put my mind to

I am calm and confident around just about anyone

I am capable of romantic love

I am deserving of romantic love

I am a peaceful, supportive friend

I am in control of my impulses

I am kind whenever I feel like it

I am wanted everywhere

I am fine exactly the way I am right now

I am a hard worker, doing the things necessary to improve my life

I am confident that the divine knows and supports my desires and my path

I am on the right journey every second of every day

I am a great listener

I am a great conversationalist

I am successful

I am motivated

I am dedicated

I am fearless

I am charming

I am taking action

I am powerful

I am business savvy

I am balanced

I am a money magnet

I am brilliant

I am healed

I am honest

I am courageous

I believe in me

I am respectful

I am cultured

I am educated

I am loved

Everything that I need is already within me

I am divinely guided in all that I do

I am in control of my behavior

I am in control of my mood and decisions

I am great at making decisions

I believe the life I want is possible

I am on my way to the life I want

Each day I get closer to my dreams

I am healed