Pisces June 25, 2021-Twin Flame Union

PISCES JUNE 26, 2021

The tarot card images might be different from the version of cards I used during the reading. Please keep that in mind should there be any differences in descriptions.

Hello, Pisces, my lovely water darling, how are you doing? I hope all is well. Welcome to your love reading I am Malia the Medusa Guided witch and shaman, welcome to Medusa’s Tarot and More.

We’re going to look at all areas of your love situation right now, your energy and your person’s and see what’s going on. But keep in mind that this is for the collective Piscerian energy so take what resonates and leave the rest for a fellow fishy! Also this love reading can pick up on anyone in your heart chakra. The energy doesn’t always have to be someone that you are romantically involved with.

First we are going to look at your law of attraction message for the day. Spirit has pulled, “I’m a Magnet, Attracting Unto Myself. Without exception, what you give thought to (wanted or unwanted), you begin to invite into your experience. See yourself as a magnet attracting unto you the essence of whatever you are thinking and feeling. For example, if you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity… It defies the Law.”


Pisces Spirit really wants you to take time to focus on your vision no matter how far ahead it may seem. Block out the noise around you and focus on where your heart is leading you. Block out mental chatter and tune into where your soul is calling you. You will find the answers within your heart. A lot of my Piscerians have a clearer vision now that they have met a certain person. This is a possible twin flame energy.

Pisces, Spirit wants you to realize that no opponent can take away your destiny unless you believe they can. As long as you are focused on positive things and protecting your energy at any cost you will make it. You must also speak up for yourself if people cross your energetic boundaries as this is very important right now Pisces. You are an old wise soul that knows how to walk on water if you so feel to. People see your potential. Protect your energy and keep most things to yourself. Now is not the time for oversharing, even to the people who live with you or you call friends. Protect your potential at all costs. Really trust your intuition right now. You and only you know what is best for you.

Your general snapshot card is number 7, deception and envy. Right now stay focused on what you have in mind for yourself. You are a strong deep empath and while you may be showing up as yourself, others can be more manipulative. Many of my picerians right now may feel abandoned by certain people. Number 7 leads back to the chariot, however, which means these falling outs are happening for a reason. There is a higher purpose here that will push you forward. For the people you need around, do not let them keep playing with your emotions even if you feel you depend on them in any way shape or form. Keep standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. Keep repeating your needs and boundaries. Teach them you will never back down. You will never let them cross your boundaries. Demand your respect more now than ever and demand again and remind any manipulator boundaries are also emotional. Be fearless. Let them know that you rather go down fighting than succumb to any form of mistreatment.

Dear Pisces, the archetype card in your reading today is the Advocate. This could be you or someone in your life. The light attribute of this person is that they may inspire you to put compassion into action. Spirit is asking right now how can you find compassion for yourself and advocate for yourself? The shadow attribute of this person however is embracing negative causes or committing to causes for personal gain.Is there anyone around you with an Agenda Pisces? This could even be the things you listen to or watch. The people who you talk to. There is someone around you I sense with a very draining energy. You feel as though you are being suffocated when this person is talking to you, and as though you have to say everything a certain way and believe the same things they do. Be cautious of that Pisces.


Pisces your first tarot card is King of Pentacles. There is a beautiful divine masculine energy in your life. This could be a capricorn, virgo, or taurus. A very wise old soul. They see in you the same. This person might be financially well off. For my males here who are straight this is a friend who wants to lend a helping hand. Listen to this person however intimidating. There is something to be learned here.

Next we have the 6 of wands. Very prosperous changes and a new beginning to an old flame. There is someone really in love with you pisces or at least considering a deep connection with you. You light up this person’s universe. This might be a gemini or fire sign like sagittarius, leo, or aries. There are many picerians here who are going to be getting a call very soon from someone who once walked away. I am hearing this person needed time and also saw that you were wounded. Love can be a lot like sword fighting sometimes. Pisces are you ready to hear back from this person?


Next we have the King of swords. Pisces you are leveling up even if things seem messy right now. People are playing tug of war with your energy, your heart, and what feels like your life and very soul. There are many opponents but your angels roam. Do not fear any evil for thou are within you. Goddess is there and is ready to hear and answer your prayers. Keep the faith even when your back is against the wall. As long as you are fighting with truth and following your heart you are going to make your way home. Don’t let manipulators drag you down to hell with them. Fight ego with your truth. Stay humble, keep your vision in sight, and never stop. You have the king of swords energy right now which means your blade is sharp. But plot twist, your tongue is your blade. Keep fighting for your freedom and your vision. It will happen. In due time. In due time.


5 of pentacles shows that there is some tension in your domestic life. Many of my piscerians feel trapped by a dictator-like energy. Could be partner, children, mother or father or siblings. Maybe you feel you are the scapegoat. If you need to run away a little bit, hide out in a safe place to take a deep breath. Right now getting some sun is very important. Know that you are loved and your angels hear you cry. When it rains the sky pours for you. Goddess is going to make it right. In due time. Take whatever you are learning from this difficult situation in stride. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The power is in the mind. You will make this out maybe not exactly unscathed but stronger, smarter. Don’t feed into the matrix. All the tired looking people have the best hearts. Embrace your inner beauty and know that your dark circles, and any imperfections means you are fighting. So proud of you. Your throne is waiting. Every day you get closer. Keep calm walking through the fire. The last laugh is the biggest punch.

The fool card shows that someone wants to take a leap of faith to be with you. This person is another water sign for many of my piscerians or a sag or gemini or someone with those in their natal charts. This person’s energy reads as very determined to get to you but there are some obstacles. I see that this person is keeping tabs on you, however distant they are. They feel your energy from a distance. They are in love with you. They want to fall blindly into your well like the woman depicted in the photo. This is a twinflame like energy for many of my piscerians. Someone also wants to confess something. Wants to be vulnerable at long last. They are tired of keeping it all inside. You make them happy and they can’t wait to tell you. Give them time. Trust the process.

The next card is the not enough card. Frustrated in relationship, lack of confidence. Self-sabotage. Fear/ego issues. Jealousy. There are some Piscerians here unable to focus on their energy for some reason. Maybe there is someone in your heart chakra that you need to protect yourself from who is trying to drag down your energy. Notice patterns and the energy you feel from the people in your life. Vibrations can rub off. If someone is making you feel like you are not enough block this person from your energy as best you can. Stay focused on positive things and talk to yourself in a positive way to counter negative self-talk.

The next card is the not today card. Not dealing. Hurt. Avoiding a conversation/call/person. Boundaries. Still angry. Pisces there is someone that loves you very much but needs more time. Please be patient with this person. The eager beaver kills the damn. Even if someone adores you it doesn’t mean that they are going to be ready right away. Respect your boundaries enough to know when someone is putting up theirs it is best to back off for both your sakes. I do not feel this person is angry with you so much as they are going through difficulties right now. They don’t feel the need to express this right now. Be patient and kind and do not for any reason dig a bigger grave. Accept the present moment and move forward. For a lot of my piscerians this person is your Twinflame and they will return if it is meant to be in this lifetime. You must however focus on your own energy, self-care, and stability. You must try to take accountability wherever you can.

The next card is the rainbow reviver. Very important to focus on healing your inner child and breaking through ego as much as you can. Remember a wound is something you were forced to be, like perfect or a people pleaser. And an ego can be a shield that blocks you from healing the wound. Be yourself whenever possible. Find your truth and stay there. It is okay to be different. It is okay to need things. Spirit is recommending you to search for youtube videos such as raise vibration and butterfly effect. Be gentle on yourself right now. Remember that everything has a vibration. Either it will take you up or pull you down. Choose your potions, friends, conversations, music and shows wisely. Remember to always try to uplift as a very important saying goes, The hate you give is the life you get. But while you are uplifting speak your truth always and fight fire with fire if you need to. You are strong enough I promise. And you are a very magical being right now.

Your final card before your dbt skill is What do you need to release? It falls under what you don’t see coming. There is a lot of new beginnings ahead but it starts with moving forward from something. A friendship or some kind of familial bond is messing with your vibe right now. Cut the cord if necessary. Your health comes first. To have a healthy relationship romantic wise you must be aligned with yourself and to be aligned with yourself you need to protect your energy. Be alone right now if the people around you are not being respectful. You will make it through this flame. In fact all the set backs will take you higher in the end as that is how law of attraction works. Believe it, accept it, receive it. It’s yours.

Finally we move on to your dbt fantasy card. For my first time Piscerians dbt is short for dialectical behavior therapy. It is a form of therapy that’s good for anxieties, depression, and trauma. You can see these skills on my website oklevelup.com The skill for you today is a relationship skill called,



>Mutual validation - validate their and your side (I understand X but on my end...)

>Broken record - keep repeating your point/request in natural ways whenever possible

>Probing - keep digging relentlessly until you find the answers you need to at least give you something useful to work on or with.

> Clouding (assertive agreement) - validate parts to their side then remind them of how they could see things differently. A skilled clouder phrases things in a way that makes the other person think they've come to these conclusions themselves; them: you're always late/you: It's true I've been late several times/ them: you never respond/ you: I know sometimes I'm slow. Modify extreme terms such as always, never, every time, etc.

>Assertive delay - react at a later time when you can manage the conflict/let them know: "I will get back to you later. This is important and I need time."

Hope you enjoyed your PISCES JUNE 26, 2021 TWINFLAME UNION reading, leave thoughts and comments in comments, take care!