STOP, Before you cut that hair!

Hair, hair, hair. People clip it, cut it, shave it. Color it, put all kinds of things on it. It can be beautiful, freaky, and even creative.

For many, it is a form of expression. Maybe of wealth, status, personality. But did you know it plays an important role in your brain health? And perhaps even life.

Most people would be surprised to know that hair is a natural extension of the nervous system. Some people view it as antennas, like the ones you’d see on a bug or TV. Just like any antenna, it is said to transmit important information to the brain. This could mean longer hair makes you smarter, or at least more grounded. Maybe both!

It is believed that the tips of your hair gather energy from the Universe in order to stimulate higher levels of consciousness and creativity. People with longer hair or exposed, raw hair are thought to think more for themselves. This is why slaves were shaved bald.

Hair is believed to balance the entire electromagnetic field of your body, which in turn can help you to increase your life force, vitality, and intuition. This means you can accomplish more with your natural look, even if people might first mistake you for a cave-dweller. And who cares, caves are awesome, aren’t they!

Can you imagine what would happen if western culture shifted back to many years ago where cutting hair was unheard of?

Historically, hair is seen as an important extension of identity and heritage. In fact, only slaves would have their hair cut as it was believed to punish them into submission and take away their energy and power.

When Genghis Khan conquered China, he ordered the people to cut their hair and have bangs as this was believed to inhibit the development of their third eye, intuition, and knowledge. This nugget alone makes me keep away from bangs even though I love them.

To this day, there are many cultures that do not believe in cutting hair in order to conserve their energy and spiritual abilities.

The Native Americans for example, believe that through their hair they can connect to nature and the life force around them. It was also proven during the Vietnam war that Native Americans with longer hair were able to scout the land using their intuition better than those in similar tribes who had their hair cut.

The Sikh culture also believes that cutting hair can inhibit spiritual development and can lead to poor health. They instead, tie their hair in what is known as a rishi knot on the top of their heads. This is believed to help control and regulate the flow of energy through the body and can assist in attaining higher levels of consciousness.

Then there is also the famous Biblical story of Samson and Delilah where Samson lost all his strength after Delilah cut his hair. It was a pretty horrific story.

So have you cut your hair? Is it too late for you or do you have hope? It is believed that cut hair takes about three years to regain its ability to send out and receive vital energy from the Universe. It is almost like cutting your hair makes your intuitive senses numb to the world around you.

But what about covering your hair? Shouldn’t that have a similar effect? Could wearing wigs or hats be numbing and even dumbing us down?

Is putting chemicals in your hair bad? It might appear so. Though Keratin is different. Studies have found that keratin, the natural protein already found in hair, contains a crystalline structure that is similar to those of sacred crystals and gemstones.