The Karmic Meaning Behind BPD

Today I want to discuss borderline personality disorder in a way you've probably not heard of before. I want to discuss the psychic, karmic relations to the disorder. In this post, I will cover what BPD really is, textbook vs layman term. Vs. How I as a psychic and spiritualist would define it. And I will also touch on the karmic relations to this disorder, and what this disorder means, purposefully, and how someone with this disorder can lead a life of meaning and burn through whatever karmic cycle they need to.

Now there are different forms of BPD. BPD is said to be found in about 1 percent of the population and it is often defined by intense rapidly changing emotions, identity disturbance, splitting, like seeing someone as either good or bad and changing your opinion on them a lot.

I know of this girl who has it particularly rough, where she would break up with her partner up to 5 times a day. The relationship obviously didn’t last, and this is kind of the sort of uneasy, tumultuous reality that people with BPD live in.

Borderline Personality Disorder text book-wise usually have the 9 symptoms criteria:

1. Fear of abandonment. 

People with BPD are terrified of being abandoned, rejected, and left alone. Not just physically. But energetically. They need to know that at least 1 person, is thinking of them, considering them. Surprisingly to many, borderlines love human connection. They want to feel involved. And their fear of abandonment is so intense, that I remember one person I knew, she was visiting a tropical place with her family and they wanted to go back home earlier on a different flight and that was enough for her to swear they were trying to leave her in a foreign country.

You see, Borderlines tend to feel like they are inherently bad people. This is how society makes them feel. So why wouldn’t their families do that? Why wouldn’t the love interest they are talking to just up and ghost them? Unfortunately, their paranoid behavior tends to have a pushing effect—driving others away. Cause what you guys want to remember is that when there is too much force there will be resistance. It’s a constant of life just as gravity is. If you walk into a room needing everybody to like you, better believe it, you are going to get a lot of people giving you the cold shoulder.

2. Unstable Relationships.

Pretty self-explanatory. If you are a needy person, how the hell are your relationships gonna survive? Not only survive but thrive, baby. Also, people with BPD are incredibly loving but because they feel so intensely when they split, and I will get into that later, they can also feel intense hate or rage. A celebrity that struggled with this, and I mean viciously struggled until her death, was Amy Winehouse. The drugs she ravished her career with it was so she could work and drown the intense painful emotions she felt being involved with the partner she was with at the time. I quite honestly feel the dude was a narcissist. Or, like I like to put it, works for the dark forces. The devil. Lucifer. Needs an exorcist. But that’s another video.

3. Unclear or shifting self-image.

To be short with this one, people with BPD can be very childlike. In the sense where they are naive to external influences. So if they believe they are this person today, tomorrow or next week, that can completely change based on the opinions of strangers or friends or family. They don’t trust people, but they can be gullible.

4. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. 

There is a lot of suffering involved when you can’t find yourself. Imagine. It’s horrible. So a lot of times people with BPD may do something fast and fun, intense, outrageous, just to fill that void inside. Because of adrenaline burn out and lack of meaningful connections they might feel empty. This emptiness is often scarier to some, than say, a burst of emotion such as hurt or anger. Plus they are often lonely and remember these people feel intensely. So they are needing external stuff a lot of the time, to regulate their emotions. They are like a newborn hairless kitten. They need warmth continuously. Unhealed borderlines can’t flow their own warm blood and regulate the temperature of their bodies.

They need an outside source to comfort them. Their abilities to do this have been taken from them. They’ve been robbed of the basic necessity a functioning adult needs to survive. Because of the damage, even their bodies attack itself, and there is usually an autoimmune dysfunction or two. So, of course, they might binge eat or drink or engage in risky sexual behaviors. Sometimes they even turn to anorexia and other eating disorders to give their pain a focus. They feel empty inside. They are like a child in constant need of stimulation. Even boredom can be physically distressing for them.

5. Self-harm

6. Extreme emotional swings.

7.Chronic feelings of emptiness.

8. Explosive anger

9. Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality

People with BPD have a hyperactive amygdala, which is this piece of the brain that controls our sense of fear. When someone without BPD interacts with the world, their amygdala is active, but it’s like this: swinging, chilling, it doesn’t really do too much movement unless a bear or a mass shooter appears.

However, when someone with BPD interacts with the world, their amygdala is like this: something swinging erratically. Picture feeling as if you are going to die as if you are under attack when you make contact with life. When you are engaging in casual relations or at a family function. And it’s not oh, now and then, it’s a way of life. Now, this constant overwork of the amygdala puts stress on a BPD’s mind. It creates the sort of soreness and tension you get when you are working on a muscle at the gym for too long.

You are gonna burn out and you are gonna collapse. Now when the person with BPD is under too much stress for too long, sure enough, they burn out, and this burnout is the amygdala’s way of giving up. The amygdala collapses from exhaustion, and that’s when they start breaking from reality and a lot of people may think they are psychotic. But these people are not psychotic. Yes, a simple disagreement at a family picnic filled with a lot of “triggers” can send them into a break from reality. But these people are simply overwhelmed.

Borderlines are Empaths?

Now, the layman term for BPD is someone who is a highly sensitive person. An empath. This is not really what society would call people with BPD. In fact, the term highly sensitive person conjures pictures of sweet but flighty bunnies and goldfishes that bounce back from the tank when you tap on the glass. But when you think of BPD you might think of a Deadly Women episode, you know, Jodi Arias, Fatale Attraction. A deadly, seductive, black widow. I mean, men can be diagnosed with BPD, too, and are often underdiagnosed for this specific stereotype. Everyone with BPD is different, in fact, there are over 200 types.

People with BPD, simply put, can’t regulate their emotions like others and are in such chronic pain that they will do sometimes anything, even things that go against their morals, to end the suffering. They're not evil so much as desperate. People say borderlines manipulate but aren't we all manipulative to an extent? We all do things to convince others to do things for us daily. It's the way of life. With borderlines though, there is less tact and things do appear more obvious.

Under no circumstance should you stay with a borderline who abuses you verbally or physically, but what I am trying to say is that they don’t get pleasure from hurting people in the way it might seem. They are almost like a wounded dog, lashing out viciously, sometimes even attacking hands that want to pet them. You can even say sometimes they don't know how to perceive love.

The Purpose of Borderline Personality Disorder

Now I’d like to touch on what I believe is the karmic relation to this disorder. I met with a friend who was diagnosed with BPD. I was sitting with her family and we were talking about our childhoods. Now I noticed her grandma was there. The old woman was distant and just taking in things until she abruptly began talking about someone in her past. She was pregnant with her first child - the mother of my friend with BPD. She claimed that when she was pregnant with the borderlines mother she got into a fight with a woman at a party in Jamaica. The woman was so angry, she splashed her drink of sorrel in her face, looked at her stomach, pointing, and said, "I will curse you and that baby for the rest of your life."

This story still gives me shivers. The first time hearing it I had quite a heavy feeling in my body. I could almost taste a strange bitter taste in my mouth. And instantly I started thinking about this drink. Sorrel. Sorrel is this Jamaican drink. They boil this red plant known as Roselle, a species of Hibiscus native to West Africa. They boil it and sometimes cool it and add sugar and maybe wine I guess and drink it. It kind of reminds me of sangria. But anyways I just couldn’t stop thinking of this drink upon hearing the story. I wanted to ask the grandmother if she drank any sorrel but I didn’t.

I still think to this day, that there is a significance to this. The spiritual world is much more tangible and lifelike than we think.

My friend, her mother, and father, were selfish towards her. Even her sister and family outside her direct family. She was essentially everyone’s scapegoat. The runt of the litter. She had emotional wounds that made her behave differently and people didn’t understand they were causing it. Her cousins would lie on her, her aunt would purposely buy her sister better gifts, serve her on a smaller plate.

Passively the family would systematically subject her to emotional pain, whether it was leaving her out of parties, forgetting her presents at Christmas, etc. Ultimately telling her that she didn’t belong, that she was not valid. So she grows up denying herself since everyone around her did. This led to a lot of shame, guilt, and bubbling over of pain.

I think we all have a little BPD in us, but those of us badly affected--there is a lot of wisdom that comes from the pain. You tend to see the world a little clearer. You tend to thrive alone and like doing things that will help others. You seek things of value and aren't too swayed by the superficial. I think that borderlines are honestly here to change the world. Each hardship they've faced only adds to their power. If they come out stronger, still with ambition and hope and love, and a lot of forgiveness, they are bound to eventually find success beyond their wildest imagination.

So if you've ever been diagnosed or labeled as a borderline, keep your back straight and your chin up. There is a mature quality to you that makes you think outside the box and most BPD's in my opinion, are incredibly psychic. Especially when they tap into their true selves and are on the road to recovery. The reason I think borderlines were targetted so much by their families and society is that at the end of the day we are all energies. Borderlines are strong wise souls.

Negative or threatened people go after borderlines because it's as if borderline's natural clairvoyant abilities threaten their very existence. Borderlines, being empathic are also working for the other team. They are powerful. The kind of people to love you even at your most vulnerable state, and also the kind forward and bold enough to shatter your ego in a split second and make you think differently about your entire life.

Borderlines Heal the Universe?

Everyone has got a destiny. The universe has a firm grip on the order of things. Everything is aligned in the universe whether you want to believe it or not. Everything in fact, is so aligned, that everything keeps everything together. You may pause to figure out what I’m trying to say here or really go with me here. I’ll repeat it again. Everything is so aligned, that everything keeps everything together.

The universe is an intelligent being. We are not only in it, but we are apart of it. We are as apart of it as the earth, as gravity, as lava, as the atmosphere…. And when you think of the universe, it is the perfect definition of resilience. The perfect definition of order and ebb and flow. And continuity. So nothing is really out of place. Even the things that are destructive are working together with the things we find peaceful. The good works for the bad, so to say.

Some people look at natural disasters or illnesses as a form of population control. That’s a little bit obvious but I’ll use it this time. That being said, BPD is a natural development. It’s apart of a cause and effect. BPD is caused by a narcissistic environment. Yet, BPD, in its plain form can be observed as the opposite of narcissism. I see narcissists as operators of the 3D, where everything is controlled and structured to serve a certain group and class, whereas borderlines are operating in a dimension beyond what we see.

Borderlines, they are a kind of empath. A rare type. An empath who operates through pain, in a way where they understand it so explicitly, they see the meaning in quite literally everything. In many ways, Borderlines are the universe. They are the perfect healers, destroyers, and perfect survivors. Even when they seem to cry at the drop of a hat, nothing seems to completely break them.

For any borderline who might need this, don’t be afraid of being alone for even a long time. The universe wants you to know you are never alone. Your guides and angels are always there. The universe is constantly sending signals. Follow your intuition and believe in your divine power even if no one else sees it. Dream big and keep striving towards your dreams.

I believe that a borderline’s power comes in when she or he decides to accept their difference, stop resisting it, and find peace in their isolation. Stop trying to be like everyone else. I don't believe in mental breakdowns but mental breakthroughs. And when your mind changes often, just go with it.

Submit yourself to your own journey. You’ve denied your true self for way too long, why continue it now. So what if people stare at you or think you are the neighborhood weirdo. That is their problem.

There will be a lot more great poetry, great Youtube channels, great paintings, great music, great books when more borderlines rise from the aches, break free from frozen trauma, and their self-built cages.

If you are this kind of rare empath, ask yourself, is it that bad to be alone? Do you really want to share your aura with people who are probably undeserving of it anyway?